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Thursday 30 Mar

Geneviève Asselin et Martin Bussière, UETMIS, CHU de Québec - Université Laval


Les bains de chlorhexidine aux soins intensifs : évaluation de l'efficacité et de l'innocuité

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Masters or PhD student

Research project

Aneuploidy is a genetic condition defined by an abnormal number of chromosomes. It is caused by aberrant cell division and the most common genetic affliction in humans. Aneuploidy is prevented by the checkpoints during the cell cycle that detect errors in cell division and halt the process until these errors are corrected. Such a mechanism, known as "Spindle Assembly Checkpoint" or "SAC" function during mitosis to ensure the segregation of chromosomes into daughter cells, thus preventing aneuploidy. This project aims at understanding the regulation of a group of enzymes that control the "SAC" itself, and the mechanisms of chromosome segregation of the cell, and thus play a critical role in preventing aneuploidy. In particular, the catalytic function of these enzymes is poorly understood, and how they are regulated during different stages of cell division remains uncertain. Disruption of this activity is a known cause of chromosome segregation errors and consequently aneuploidy.

Job description

Project: Structural and functional analysis of the essential mitotic pseudokinase BubR1. Includes studies related to the localization of the protein and the catalytic activation.
We will use a multidisciplinary approach, including proteomics, biochemistry and microscopy to study both upstream and downstream regulatory signalling events of these kinases. The work will involve various methods of molecular and cell biology. Experience with cell culture and cloning would be an asset.

Skills needed

Education required: Bachelor or MSc (or ending) or molecular cell biology, biochemistry or a relevant related discipline.
We are seeking students who are motivated, who can work both independently and in groups. Intellectual curiosity, rigor and professional integrity are a must. Good organizational skills are an asset. A great sense of motivation and autonomy is required.

The candidate must be resident in Canada and be eligible for grants under the FRSQ, CIHR or other granting agencies. Good knowledge of English is required.

If you are interested: please submit a CV, your academic average, a copy of your transcript, and write a brief paragraph about why you are interested in our work.
Offer number
Publishing date
14/12/2016 08:22
31/03/2017 17:00
Type of job
Étudiant maîtrise
Main researcher
Sabine Elowe
Reproduction, mother and youth health
Work week
24 months
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