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Ph.D. Student

Research project

Study of the lung innate response in controlling infections caused by a respiratory virus.

Job description

Respiratory viruses such as influenza-A virus (IAV) are important pathogens that cause severe infections of the respiratory tract, particularly in the elderly and children. Viral replication and inappropriate immune response in the lungs are two elements that contribute to an abnormal inflammation of respiratory tract. Our research program aims to evaluate the effects of activating receptors of innate immunity and underlying mechanisms as new therapeutic tools for the treatment of respiratory infections. The characterization of lung cells involved in these innate mechanisms and the consequences of such therapeutic approach on pulmonary physiology are also investigated.

Skills needed

Student with M.Sc. degree in molecular medicine, microbiology and immunology, cellular and molecular biology, or clinical and biomedical sciences. Experience in virology (or other equivalent) would be an asset.

The candidate must provide a recent academic transcript and letter of reference from his former superior.

Financial support provided.

N.B.: Only selected applicants will be contacted.
Offer number
Publishing date
13/07/2017 15:26
22/12/2017 17:00
Type of job
Étudiant doctorat
Main researcher
Jean Gosselin
Infectious and immune diseases
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