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Animal models

Over 250 mouse strains are produced and/or maintained at the CHU de Québec animal quarters in our different research axes. We invite you to click on the “animal facility services” link where you will find our complete list of murine cell lines. 

Our services are as follow:

  • The Animal Facility Services at the CHU de Québec Research Centre offer all the necessary services related to the housing and care of research animals. At the other end of this link, you will find specific information for our different sites, our standard operating procedures (SOP), our training program for animal users, etc. 
  • The Animal Facility Services have all you need to ensure the healthy and efficient management of your reproductive colonies. Our derivation and cryopreservation service is an example of this, as well as our import/export service and the expertise of our ASTs (animal services technicians) who are available upon request.
  • We also have all the necessary equipment for neurobehavioral phenotyping
  • The Irradiation Service gives you access to a Gammacell-40 Exactor irradiator for cells or animal models.
  • The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Service (MRI) and Axial Tomography (micro-CT) through the Small Animal Services, give you access to different imaging services that are adapted to small animal models.

We invite you to consult the different links and to contact us if you need any further information.

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