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Genomics Center

Around the different services offered, you will find experienced researchers acting as scientific counselors and highly qualified and dedicated personnel…

… with a unique goal, to offer you high end turnkey services.

The Genomics Centre, built for $30 M, offers 8,500 sq. meters of additional space and is equipped with over $40 M in scientific equipment acquired over the last 10 years, including $7 M in new generation equipment purchased in 2013. 

The services offered by the Genomics Centre have generated an average annual income of over $1.4 M for the past five years, a testimony to our ability to guarantee our sustainability. 85% of these services are directly offered to university researchers and 15% are offered to private companies.

We invite you to consult the different services that we offer and to contact us if you need any further information.

High end turnkey services will help you reach your scientific goals.

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