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Xu D, Aka JA, Wang R, Lin SX. 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 5 is negatively correlated to apoptosis inhibitor GRP78 and tumor-secreted protein PGK1, and modulates breast cancer cell viability and proliferation. The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology,  2017. Epub
Dutour R, Poirier D. Inhibitors of cytochrome P450 (CYP) 1B1. European journal of medicinal chemistry,  2017. Epub
Lu W, Rettenmeier E, Paszek M, Yueh MF, Tukey RH, Trottier J, Barbier O, Chen S. Crypt organoids culture as an in vitro model in drug metabolism and cytotoxicity studies. Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals,  2017. Epub
Desgagne V, Guerin R, Guay SP, Corbin F, Couture P, Lamarche B, Bouchard L. Changes in high-density lipoprotein-carried miRNA contribution to the plasmatic pool after consumption of dietary trans fat in healthy men. Epigenomics,  2017. 9: 669-688
Caron A, Mouchiroud M, Gautier N, Labbe SM, Villot R, Turcotte L, Secco B, Lamoureux G, Shum M, Gelinas Y, Marette A, Richard D, Sabatini DM, Laplante M. Loss of hepatic DEPTOR alters the metabolic transition to fasting. Molecular metabolism,  2017. 6: 447-458
Allaire J, Vors C, Couture P, Lamarche B. LDL particle number and size and cardiovascular risk: anything new under the sun? Current opinion in lipidology,  2017. 28: 261-266
Nsaibia MJ, Boulanger MC, Bouchareb R, Mkannez G, Le Quang K, Hadji F, Argaud D, Dahou A, Bosse Y, Koschinsky ML, Pibarot P, Arsenault BJ, Marette A, Mathieu P. OxLDL-derived lysophosphatidic acid promotes the progression of aortic valve stenosis through a LPAR1-RhoA-NF-kappaB pathway. Cardiovascular research,  2017. Epub
Demian MN, Lam NN, Mac-Way F, Sapir-Pichhadze R, Fernandez N. Opportunities for Engaging Patients in Kidney Research. Canadian journal of kidney health and disease,  2017. 4: 2054358117703070
Tremblay BL, Guenard F, Rudkowska I, Lemieux S, Couture P, Vohl MC. Epigenetic changes in blood leukocytes following an omega-3 fatty acid supplementation. Clinical epigenetics,  2017. 9: 43
Lemacon A, Joly Beauparlant C, Soucy P, Allen J, Easton D, Kraft P, Simard J, Droit A. VEXOR: an integrative environment for prioritization of functional variants in fine-mapping analysis. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) ,  2017. 33: 1389-1391
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