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Populations health and optimal health practices

Michel Alary
Deputy director
Alexis Turgeon
2875, boulevard Laurier, Édifice Delta II, 6e étage, bureau 600
Québec (Québec)
+1 418-525-4444, extension 46518
+1 418-654-2726

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Roy C, Tremblay PY, Ayotte P. Is mercury exposure causing diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance? A systematic review of the literature. Environmental research,  2017. Epub
Omar M, Moore L, Lauzier F, Tardif PA, Dufresne P, Boutin A, Lessard-Bonaventure P, Paquet J, Clement J, Turgeon AF. Complications following hospital admission for traumatic brain injury: A multicenter cohort study. Journal of critical care,  2017. Epub
St-Jean A, Meziou S, Roy C, Ayotte P, Muckle G, Lucas M. Branched-chain and aromatic amino acids in relation to behavioral problems among young Inuit from Nunavik, Canada: a cohort study. Pediatric research,  2017. Epub
Dossa AR, Moisan J, Guenette L, Lauzier S, Gregoire JP. Association between interpersonal continuity of care and medication adherence in type 2 diabetes: an observational cohort study. CMAJ open,  2017. 5: E359-E364
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Archambault PM, van de Belt TH, Kuziemsky C, Plaisance A, Dupuis A, McGinn CA, Francois R, Gagnon MP, Turgeon AF, Horsley T, Witteman W, Poitras J, Lapointe J, Brand K, Lachaine J, Legare F. Collaborative writing applications in healthcare: effects on professional practice and healthcare outcomes. Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online),  2017. Epub
Trudel X, Milot A, Gilbert-Ouimet M, Duchaine C, Guenette L, Dalens V, Brisson C. Effort-reward imbalance at work and the prevalence of unsuccessfully treated hypertension among white-collar workers. American journal of epidemiology,  2017. Epub
Mora J, Iturralde MD, Prieto L, Domingo C, Gagnon MP, Martinez-Carazo C, March AG, De Massari D, Marti T, Nalin M, Avolio F, Bousquet J, Keenoy EM, all ASSEHS group. Key aspects related to implementation of risk stratification in health care systems-the ASSEHS study. BMC health services research,  2017. Epub
Esculier JF, Bouyer LJ, Dubois B, Fremont P, Moore L, McFadyen B, Roy JS. Is combining gait retraining or an exercise programme with education better than education alone in treating runners with patellofemoral pain?A randomised clinical trial. British journal of sports medicine,  2017. Epub
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