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Wednesday 22 Nov

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Populations health and optimal health practices

Michel Alary
Deputy director
Alexis Turgeon
1050, chemin Sainte-Foy, local K0-03
Québec (Québec)
+1 418-525-4444, extension 46518
+1 418-654-2726

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Caron-Beaudoin E, Valter N, Chevrier J, Ayotte P, Frohlich K, Verner MA. Gestational exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in Northeastern British Columbia, Canada: A pilot study. Environment international,  2018. 110: 131-138
Courson M, Macoir J, Tremblay P. A facilitating role for the primary motor cortex in action sentence processing. Behavioural brain research,  2018. 336: 244-249
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Decary S, Fallaha M, Fremont P, Martel-Pelletier J, Pelletier JP, Feldman D, Sylvestre MP, Vendittoli PA, Desmeules F. Diagnostic validity of combining history elements and physical examination tests for traumatic and degenerative symptomatic meniscal tears. PM & R : the journal of injury, function, and rehabilitation,  2017. Epub
Elwyn G, Durand MA, Song J, Aarts J, Barr PJ, Berger Z, Cochran N, Frosch D, Galasinski D, Gulbrandsen P, Han PKJ, Harter M, Kinnersley P, Lloyd A, Mishra M, Perestelo-Perez L, Scholl I, Tomori K, Trevena L, Witteman HO, Van der Weijden T. A three-talk model for shared decision making: multistage consultation process. BMJ (Clinical research ed.),  2017. Epub
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