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Amarasinghe GK, Bao Y, Basler CF, Bavari S, Beer M, Bejerman N, Blasdell KR, Bochnowski A, Briese T, Bukreyev A, Calisher CH, Chandran K, Collins PL, Dietzgen RG, Dolnik O, Durrwald R, Dye JM, Easton AJ, Ebihara H, Fang Q, Formenty P, Fouchier RA, Ghedin E, Harding RM, Hewson R, Higgins CM, Hong J, Horie M, James AP, Jiang D, Kobinger GP, Kondo H, Kurath G, Lamb RA, Lee B, Leroy EM, Li M, Maisner A, Muhlberger E, Netesov SV, Nowotny N, Patterson JL, Payne SL, Paweska JT, Pearson MN, Randall RE, Revill PA, Rima BK, Rota P, Rubbenstroth D, Schwemmle M, Smither SJ, Song Q, Stone DM, Takada A, Terregino C, Tesh RB, Tomonaga K, Tordo N, Towner JS, Vasilakis N, Volchkov VE, Wahl-Jensen V, Walker PJ, Wang B, Wang D, Wang F, Wang LF, Werren JH, Whitfield AE, Yan Z, Ye G, Kuhn JH. Taxonomy of the order Mononegavirales: update 2017. Archives of virology,  2017. Epub
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Pelletier J, Agonsanou H, Delvalle N, Fausther M, Salem M, Gulbransen B, Sevigny J. Generation and characterization of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to human NTPDase2 including a blocking antibody. Purinergic signalling,  2017. Epub
Semlali A, Almutairi M, Parine NR, Al Amri A, Shaik JP, Al Naeem A, Abdulla Ajaj S, Rouabhia M, Alanazi MS. No genetic relationship between TLR2 rs4696480, rs3804100, and rs3804099 gene polymorphisms and female breast cancer in Saudi populations. OncoTargets and therapy,  2017. 10: 2325-2333
Feldbrugge L, Moss AC, Yee EU, Csizmadia E, Mitsuhashi S, Longhi MS, Sandhu B, Stephan H, Wu Y, Cheifetz AS, Muller CE, Sevigny J, Robson SC, Jiang ZG. Expression of ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolases-2 and -3 in the enteric nervous system impacts inflammation in experimental colitis and Crohn's disease. Journal of Crohn's & colitis,  2017. Epub
Ogilvie G, Sauvageau C, Dionne M, McNeil S, Krajden M, Money D, Dobson S. Immunogenicity of 2 vs 3 Doses of the Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in Girls Aged 9 to 13 Years After 60 Months. JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association,  2017. 317: 1687-1688
Bao Y, Amarasinghe GK, Basler CF, Bavari S, Bukreyev A, Chandran K, Dolnik O, Dye JM, Ebihara H, Formenty P, Hewson R, Kobinger GP, Leroy EM, Muhlberger E, Netesov SV, Patterson JL, Paweska JT, Smither SJ, Takada A, Towner JS, Volchkov VE, Wahl-Jensen V, Kuhn JH. Implementation of Objective PASC-Derived Taxon Demarcation Criteria for Official Classification of Filoviruses. Viruses,  2017. Epub
Boonnak K, Matsuoka Y, Wang W, Suguitan AL Jr, Chen Z, Paskel M, Baz M, Moore I, Jin H, Subbarao K. Development of clade-specific and broadly reactive live attenuated influenza virus vaccines against rapidly evolving H5 subtype viruses. Journal of virology,  2017. Epub
Maheux AF, Bouchard S, Berube E, Bergeron MG. Rapid molecular identification of fecal origin-colonies growing on Enterococcus spp.-specific culture methods. Journal of water and health,  2017. 15: 239-250
Cunin P, Penke LR, Thon JN, Monach PA, Jones T, Chang MH, Chen MM, Melki I, Lacroix S, Iwakura Y, Ware J, Gurish MF, Italiano JE, Boilard E, Nigrovic PA. Megakaryocytes compensate for Kit insufficiency in murine arthritis. The Journal of clinical investigation,  2017. 127: 1714-1724
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