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Thursday 30 Mar

Geneviève Asselin et Martin Bussière, UETMIS, CHU de Québec - Université Laval


Les bains de chlorhexidine aux soins intensifs : évaluation de l'efficacité et de l'innocuité

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Jacono B, Cable-Williams B, Foster C, Mitchell MG, Lavoie M, Richardson HRL, Jewrs H, Young L. Principes et pratiques des soins infirmiers palliatifs et compétences en soins palliatifs à l'intention du personnel infirmier au Canada Ottawa, ON: Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing / Association canadienne des écoles de sciences infirmières, . 23 pages.
Lalani N, Cummings B, Halperin R, Rakovitch E, Brundage M, Vigneault E, Milosevic M. The Practice of Radiation Oncology in Canada. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics ,  2017. 97: 876-880
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Papadopoulos T, Casemayou A, Neau E, Breuil B, Caubet C, Calise D, Thornhill BA, Bachvarova M, Belliere J, Chevalier RL, Moulos P, Bachvarov D, Buffin-Meyer B, Decramer S, Auriol FC, Bascands JL, Schanstra JP, Klein J. Systems biology combining human- and animal-data miRNA and mRNA data identifies new targets in ureteropelvic junction obstruction. BMC systems biology,  2017. Epub
Luijsterburg MS, Typas D, Caron MC, Wiegant WW, van den Heuvel D, Boonen RA, Couturier AM, Mullenders LH, Masson JY, van Attikum H. A PALB2-interacting domain in RNF168 couples homologous recombination to DNA break-induced chromatin ubiquitylation. eLife,  2017. Epub
Klein BJ, Simithy J, Wang X, Ahn J, Andrews FH, Zhang Y, Cote J, Shi X, Garcia BA, Kutateladze TG. Recognition of Histone H3K14 Acylation by MORF. Structure (London, England : 1993),  2017. Epub
Varlet AA, Fuchs M, Luthold C, Lambert H, Landry J, Lavoie JN. Fine-tuning of actin dynamics by the HSPB8-BAG3 chaperone complex facilitates cytokinesis and contributes to its impact on cell division. Cell stress & chaperones,  2017. Epub
Diorio C, Salena K, Ladas EJ, Lam CG, Afungcwhi GM, Njuguna F, Marjerrison S. Traditional and complementary medicine used with curative intent in childhood cancer: A systematic review. Pediatric blood & cancer,  2017. Epub
Faddaoui A, Sheta R, Bachvarova M, Plante M, Gregoire J, Renaud MC, Sebastianelli A, Gobeil S, Morin C, Ghani K, Bachvarov D. Suppression of the grainyhead transcription factor 2 gene (GRHL2) inhibits the proliferation, migration, invasion and mediates cell cycle arrest of ovarian cancer cells. Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.) ,  2017. Epub
Kaplan A, Morquette B, Kroner A, Leong S, Madwar C, Sanz R, Banerjee SL, Antel J, Bisson N, David S, Fournier AE. Small-Molecule Stabilization of 14-3-3 Protein-Protein Interactions Stimulates Axon Regeneration. Neuron,  2017. 93: 1082-1093.e5
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