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Jacono B, Cable-Williams B, Foster C, Mitchell MG, Lavoie M, Richardson HRL, Jewrs H, Young L. Principes et pratiques des soins infirmiers palliatifs et compétences en soins palliatifs à l'intention du personnel infirmier au Canada Ottawa, ON: Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing / Association canadienne des écoles de sciences infirmières, . 23 pages.
Corre I, Paris F, Huot J. The p38 pathway, a major pleiotropic cascade that transduces stress and metastatic signals in endothelial cells. Oncotarget,  2017. Epub
Bergeman J, Huot ME. Quantitative Immunofluorescence to Measure Global Localized Translation. Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE,  2017. Epub
Hanna M, Dumas I, Orain M, Jacob S, Tetu B, Sanschagrin F, Bureau A, Poirier B, Diorio C. Association between local inflammation and breast tissue age-related lobular involution among premenopausal and postmenopausal breast cancer patients. PLoS ONE,  2017. 12: e0183579
Tiberi D, Rodrigues G, Pickles T, Morris J, Crook J, Martin AG, Cury F, Catton C, Lukka H, Warner A, Taussky D. Supplementary data: External validation of the ProCaRS nomograms and comparison of existing risk-stratification tools for localized prostate cancer Canadian Urological Association journal = Journal de l’Association des urologues du Canada.,  2017. 11: E126-E127
Perron L, Simard M, Brisson J, Hamel D, Lo E. Standard Period Life Table Used to Compute the Life Expectancy of Diseased Subpopulations: More Confusing Than Helpful. American journal of public health,  2017. Epub
Landry-Truchon K, Houde N, Boucherat O, Joncas FH, Dasen JS, Philippidou P, Mansfield JH, Jeannotte L. HOXA5 plays tissue-specific roles in the developing respiratory system. Development (Cambridge, England) ,  2017. Epub
Couillard-Montminy V, Gagnon PY, Fortin S, Cote J. Effectiveness of adjuvant carboplatin-based chemotherapy compared to cisplatin in non-small cell lung cancer. Journal of oncology pharmacy practice : official publication of the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners,  2017. Epub
Martell K, Husain S, Taussky D, Angyalfi S, Delouya G, Despres P, Beaulieu L, Martin AG, Vigneault E. Multicenter Evaluation of Biochemical Relapse-Free Survival Outcomes for Intraoperatively Planned Prostate Brachytherapy Using an Automated Delivery System. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics ,  2017. Epub
Lawson KA, Saarela O, Liu Z, Lavallee LT, Breau RH, Wood L, Jewett MAS, Kapoor A, Tanguay S, Moore RB, Rendon R, Pouliot F, Black PC, Kawakami J, Drachenberg D, Finelli A. Benchmarking quality for renal cancer surgery: Canadian Kidney Cancer information system (CKCis) perspective. Canadian Urological Association journal = Journal de l’Association des urologues du Canada.,  2017. 11: 232-237
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