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Tuesday 26 Sep

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Bergeron E, Lihimdi N, Bergeron D, Landreville S. Orbital recurrence of iris melanoma 21 years after enucleation. BMJ case reports,  2017. Epub
Maisani M, Ziane S, Ehret C, Levesque L, Siadous R, Le Meins JF, Chevalier P, Barthelemy P, De Oliveira H, Amedee J, Mantovani D, Chassande O. A new composite hydrogel combining the biological properties of collagen with the mechanical properties of a supramolecular scaffold for bone tissue engineering. Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine,  2017. Epub
Loy C, Pezzoli D, Candiani G, Mantovani D. A cost-effective culture system for the in vitro assembly, maturation, and stimulation of advanced multilayered multiculture tubular tissue models. Biotechnology journal,  2017. Epub
Bouchoucha M, van Heeswijk RB, Gossuin Y, Kleitz F, Fortin MA. Fluorinated Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Binuclear Probes in 1H and 19F Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids,  2017. Epub
Rouabhia M, Rouabhia D, Park HJ, Giasson L, Zhang Z. Effect of soft foods on primary human gingival epithelial cell growth and the wound healing process. Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.),  2017. 100: 433-441
Ishak R, Picard D, Laroche G, Ziegler DP, Alamdari H. Application of Boron Oxide as a Protective Surface Treatment to Decrease the Air Reactivity of Carbon Anodes Metals,  2017. 7: 79
Bolduc S, Koyle MA. Supporting urologists and primary care health providers to provide the best possible patient care: A focus on common pediatric problems Canadian Urological Association journal = Journal de l’Association des urologues du Canada.,  2017. 11: 1
Fortin A, Morin V, Ramsay S, Gervais P, Bolduc S. Adherence to antimuscarinics in children with overactive bladder Paediatrics & child health,  2017. 22: 255-258
Montano-Machado V, Noel C, Chevallier P, Turgeon S, Houssiau L, Pauthe E, Pireaux JJ, Mantovani D. Interaction of phosphorylcholine with fibronectin coatings: Surface characterization and biological performances Applied surface science,  2017. 396: 1613-1622
Alavi R, Trenggono A, Champagne S, Hermawan H. Investigation on Mechanical Behavior of Biodegradable Iron Foams under Different Compression Test Conditions Metals,  2017. 7: 202
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