Functional Analysis of Animal Behavior Service

of the CHU de Québec Research Center

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The service is a state-of-the art facility designed to serve as a time-efficient and cost-effective service for researchers and pharmaceutical industry in need of behavioral and neuropharmacological analyses in small rodents. This service is offered in collaboration with the Animal services.

We will provide expertise in all aspects related to the consultation:


The service is equipped to accommodate a full battery of behavioral tests relevant to learning and memory, sensory abilities, motor function, nociception, and anxiety-related behaviors. We are specialized in genetic and pharmacological phenotyping in both mouse and rat. In addition, the core facility provides expertise in an array of experimental models of nervous system disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Charcot -Marie-Tooth disease, cerebellar ataxia , muscular dystrophy, neuropsychiatric disorders, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, as well as neuropathic pain, peripheral nerve and spinal cord lesions.

The available tests include a standardized battery, based on a highly validated behavioral methodology.

Additional tests may be available upon request.

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Working with us

Researchers who are interested in developing a project in collaboration with the service are encouraged to contact the scientist in charge to discuss project objectives and the appropriate procedure to achieve the behavioral assays that allow addressing specific scientific hypotheses.

All behavioral testing procedures are made in accordance with the guidelines of the Canadian Council for Animal Care (CCAC). Each project within the service must be approved by the ethics committee for animal experiments at the research center du CHU de Québec.

Users must mention in their publications, the use of our services in the acknowledgments. The names of each member of the service, who makes a substantial contribution to the proposed project, must be listed as co-author in scientific publications.

Hourly rate: 70$/Hour

Contact information

Functional Analysis of Animal Behavior Service
CHU de Québec Research Center (CHUL)
2705 boulevard Laurier
Québec (Qc), G1V 4G2
Tel. (418) 525-4444, ext 46452




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