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10, rue de l'espinay
Québec (Québec)

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Saarani NN, Jamuna-Thevi K, Shahab N, Hermawan H, Saidin S. Antibacterial efficacy of triple-layered poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)/nanoapatite/lauric acid guided bone regeneration membrane on periodontal bacteria. Dental materials journal,  2017. Epub
Paramitha D, Ulum MF, Purnama A, Wicaksono DHB, Noviana D, Hermawan H. Monitoring degradation products and metal ions in vivo (Chapter 2) In: Narayan R, ed.  Monitoring and evaluation of biomaterials and their performance in vivo Duxford: Woodhead Publishing - Elsevier, . p.19-44.
Sukaryo SG, Purnama A, Hermawan H. Structure and properties of biomaterials. Biomaterials and Medical Devices In: Mahyudin F, Hermawan H, eds.  Biomaterials and Medical Devices. A Perspective from an Emerging Country : Springer International Publishing, 2016. p.1-22.
Dambatta MS, Kurniawan D, Sudin I, Yahaya B, Hermawan H. Influence of homogenization treatment on the degradation behavior of Zn-3Mg alloy in simulated body fluid solution Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part L, Journal of materials: design and applications,  2016. 230: 615-619
Saad APM, Jasmawati N, Harun MN, Kadir MRA, Nur H, Hermawan H, Syahrom A. Dynamic degradation of porous magnesium under a simulated environment of human cancellous bone Corrosion science,  2016. 112: 495-506
Mohd Daud N, Saeful Bahri IF, Nik Malek NA, Hermawan H, Saidin S. Immobilization of antibacterial chlorhexidine on stainless steel using crosslinking polydopamine film: Towards infection resistant medical devices. Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces ,  2016. 145: 130-9
Noviana D, Paramitha D, Ulum MF, Hermawan H. The effect of hydrogen gas evolution of magnesium implant on the postimplantation mortality of rats Journal of orthopaedic translation,  2016. 5: 9-15
Miswan Z, Lukman SK, Abd Majid FA, Loke MF, Saidin S, Hermawan H. Drug-eluting coating of ginsenoside Rg1 and Re incorporated poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) on stainless steel 316L: Physicochemical and drug release analyses. International journal of pharmaceutics,  2016. Epub
Santos PF, Niinomi M, Liu HH, Cho K, Nakai M, Trenggono A, Champagne S, Hermawan H, Narushima T. Improvement of microstructure, mechanical and corrosion properties of biomedical Ti-Mn alloys by Mo addition Materials & design,  2016. 110: 414-424
Nasution AK, Hermawan H.  Degradable biomaterials for temporary medical implants In: Mahyudin F, Hermawan H, eds.  Biomaterials and Medical Devices. A Perspective from an Emerging Country : Springer International Publishing, 2016. p.127-160.
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