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Maladies infectieuses et immunitaires
Centre Hospitalier de l'Université Laval (CHUL)
2705, boulevard Laurier
Québec (Québec)

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Meda NR, Poubelle PE, Stevanovic T. Antioxidant capacity, phenolic constituents and toxicity of hot water extract from red maple buds. Chemistry & biodiversity,  2017. Epub
Duchez AC, Boudreau LH, Bollinger J, Belleannee C, Cloutier N, Laffont B, Mendoza-Villarroel RE, Levesque T, Rollet-Labelle E, Rousseau M, Allaeys I, Tremblay JJ, Poubelle PE, Lambeau G, Pouliot M, Provost P, Soulet D, Gelb MH, Boilard E. Platelet microparticles are internalized in neutrophils via the concerted activity of 12-lipoxygenase and secreted phospholipase A2-IIA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,  2015. 112: E3564-73
Zhao C, Sardella A, Davis L, Poubelle PE, Bourgoin SG, Fernandes MJ. A transgenic mouse model for the in vivo bioluminescence imaging of the expression of the lysophosphatidic acid receptor 3: relevance for inflammation and uterine physiology research. Transgenic research,  2015. 24: 625-34
El Azreq MA, Arseneault C, Boisvert M, Page N, Allaeys I, Poubelle PE, Tessier PA, Aoudjit F. Cooperation between IL-7 Receptor and Integrin alpha2beta1 (CD49b) Drives Th17-Mediated Bone Loss. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) ,  2015. 195: 4198-209
Allaeys I, Gymninova I, Canet-Jourdan C, Poubelle PE. IL-32gamma delays spontaneous apoptosis of human neutrophils through MCL-1, regulated primarily by the p38 MAPK pathway. PLoS ONE,  2014. 9: e109256
Garcia-Perez ME, Allaeys I, Rusu D, Pouliot R, Janezic TS, Poubelle PE. Picea mariana polyphenolic extract inhibits phlogogenic mediators produced by TNF-alpha-activated psoriatic keratinocytes: Impact on NF-kappaB pathway. Journal of ethnopharmacology,  2014. 151: 265-78
Charest-Morin X, Fortin JP, Lodge R, Allaeys I, Poubelle PE, Marceau F. A tagged parathyroid hormone derivative as a carrier of antibody cargoes transported by the G protein coupled PTH1 receptor. Peptides,  2014. 60: 71-9
Zhao C, Hui W, Fernandes MJ, Poubelle PE, Bourgoin SG. Lysophosphatidic acid-induced IL-8 secretion involves MSK1 and MSK2 mediated activation of CREB1 in human fibroblast-like synoviocytes. Biochemical pharmacology,  2014. 90: 62-72
El Azreq MA, Boisvert M, Cesaro A, Page N, Loubaki L, Allaeys I, Chakir J, Poubelle PE, Tessier PA, Aoudjit F. alpha2beta1 integrin regulates Th17 cell activity and its neutralization decreases the severity of collagen-induced arthritis. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) ,  2013. 191: 5941-50
Garcia-Perez ME, Stevanovic T, Poubelle PE. New therapies under development for psoriasis treatment. Current opinion in pediatrics,  2013. 25: 480-7
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