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 Étudiants au doctorat

 .  Thérèse Adamou
 .  Thierry Medehouenou, épidémiologie
 .  Alexandra-Cristina Paunescu, épidémiologie
 Étudiants à la maîtrise
 .  Yanick Audet-Delage
 .  Benjamin Brisson
 Professionnels de recherche
 .  Christian Larochelle
 .  Nathalie Ouellet
 .  Pierre-Yves Tremblay


Publications récentes (voir toutes les publications de ce chercheur)

St-Jean A, Meziou S, Roy C, Ayotte P, Muckle G, Lucas M. Branched-chain and aromatic amino acids in relation to behavioral problems among young Inuit from Nunavik, Canada: a cohort study. Pediatric research,  2017. 82: 416-422
Roy C, Tremblay PY, Ayotte P. Is mercury exposure causing diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance? A systematic review of the literature. Environmental research,  2017. 156: 747-760
Weihe P, Debes F, Halling J, Petersen MS, Muckle G, Odland JO, Dudarev A, Ayotte P, Dewailly E, Grandjean P, Bonefeld-Jorgensen E. Health effects associated with measured levels of contaminants in the Arctic. International journal of circumpolar health,  2016. 75: 33805
Roy C, Tremblay PY, Bienvenu JF, Ayotte P. Quantitative analysis of amino acids and acylcarnitines combined with untargeted metabolomics using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography and quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences ,  2016. 1027: 40-9
Achouba A, Dumas P, Ouellet N, Lemire M, Ayotte P. Plasma levels of selenium-containing proteins in Inuit adults from Nunavik. Environment international,  2016. 96: 8-15
Boucher O, Muckle G, Ayotte P, Dewailly E, Jacobson SW, Jacobson JL. Altered fine motor function at school age in Inuit children exposed to PCBs, methylmercury, and lead. Environment international,  2016. 95: 144-51
Moya-Alvarez V, Mireku MO, Ayotte P, Cot M, Bodeau-Livinec F. Elevated Blood Lead Levels Are Associated with Reduced Risk of Malaria in Beninese Infants. PLoS ONE,  2016. 11: e0149049
Arbuckle TE, Fisher M, MacPherson S, Lang C, Provencher G, LeBlanc A, Hauser R, Feeley M, Ayotte P, Neisa A, Ramsay T, Tawagi G. Maternal and early life exposure to phthalates: The Plastics and Personal-care Products use in Pregnancy (P4) study. The Science of the total environment,  2016. 551-552: 344-56
Bodeau-Livinec F, Glorennec P, Cot M, Dumas P, Durand S, Massougbodji A, Ayotte P, Le Bot B. Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Infants and Mothers in Benin and Potential Sources of Exposure. International journal of environmental research and public health,  2016. 13: 
Lemire M, Achouba A, Dumas PY, Ouellet N, Ayotte P, Martinez M, Chan L, Laird B, Kwan M. Selenoneine is the major Se compound in the blood of Inuit consuming of traditional marine foods in Nunavik, Northern Canada In: Banuelos GS, Lin ZQ, de Moraes MF, Guilherme LRG, dos Reis AR, eds.  Global Advances in Selenium Research from Theory to Application London: Taylor & Francis Group, 2016. p.65-66.
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