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Patrick Levallois

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Santé des populations et pratiques optimales en santé
945, avenue Wolfe

Québec (Québec)

+1 418-650-5115, poste 5216
+1 418-654-3144

Publications récentes (voir toutes les publications de ce chercheur)

Garner RE, Levallois P. Associations between cadmium levels in blood and urine, blood pressure and hypertension among Canadian adults. Environmental research,  2017. Epub
Vachon J, Campagna C, Rodriguez MJ, Sirard MA, Levallois P. Barriers to the use of toxicogenomics data in human health risk assessment: A survey of Canadian risk assessors. Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP,  2017. 85: 119-123
Savard N, Levallois P, Rivest LP, Gingras S. Association between prenatal care and small for gestational age birth: an ecological study in Quebec, Canada. Health promotion and chronic disease prevention in Canada : research, policy and ,  2016. 36: 121-129
Garner R, Levallois P. Cadmium levels and sources of exposure among Canadian adults. Health reports / Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Health Information = Rapports sur la sante / Statistique Canada, Centre canadien d'information sur la sante ,  2016. 27: 10-8
Ngueta G, Abdous B, Tardif R, St-Laurent J, Levallois P. Use of a Cumulative Exposure Index to Estimate the Impact of Tap Water Lead Concentration on Blood Lead Levels in 1- to 5-Year-Old Children (Montreal, Canada). Environmental health perspectives,  2016. 124: 388-95
Levallois P, Giguere Y, Nguile-Makao M, Rodriguez M, Campagna C, Tardif R, Bureau A. Disinfection by-products exposure and intra-uterine growth restriction: Do genetic polymorphisms of CYP2E1or deletion of GSTM1 or GSTT1 modify the association? Environment international,  2016. 92-93: 220-31
Ileka-Priouzeau S, Campagna C, Legay C, Deonandan R, Rodriguez MJ, Levallois P. Women exposure during pregnancy to haloacetaldehydes and haloacetonitriles in drinking water and risk of small-for-gestational-age neonate. Environmental research,  2015. 137: 338-48
Feseke SK, St-Laurent J, Anassour-Sidi E, Ayotte P, Bouchard M, Levallois P. Arsenic exposure and type 2 diabetes: results from the 2007-2009 Canadian Health Measures Survey. Health promotion and chronic disease prevention in Canada : research, policy and ,  2015. 35: 63-72
Villanueva CM, Cordier S, Font-Ribera L, Salas LA, Levallois P. Overview of Disinfection By-products and Associated Health Effects. Current environmental health reports,  2015. 2: 107-15
Ngueta G, Gonthier C, Levallois P. Colder-to-warmer changes in children's blood lead concentrations are related to previous blood lead status: results from a systematic review of prospective studies. Journal of trace elements in medicine and biology : organ of the Society for Minerals and Trace Elements (GMS),  2015. 29: 39-46
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